Monday, July 29, 2013

Introducing: Tuesday Tidbits

A few months ago I was reading through random blogs. I came across one that used the words help meet when referring to a wife's roll with her husband. I shrugged it off. It's not like I had never heard this term before, I was raised in church. Therefore, it didn't really catch my attention, until later that day. During my quite time, and the words 'help meet' just kept coming to my mind. So, I did what any educated girl would do, I Googled it! I was shocked at what I found. Finding an actual definition proved challenging! Most said simply, helpmate.I wasn't satisfied with that generic of an answer so, I began to dig, and soon I realized it was so much more!

My first stop was a blog, Peaceful Wife. Here, I found a lady quite like myself. She and her husband were both Christians. They were both raised in the church. She was a domineering wife with a passive husband. She felt that she was being the good Christian wife that she needed to be. Wow, I felt as though I was reading my life story. That explains Daddy T and I in detail! We didn't have a bad marriage. In fact, compared to most other marriages that I saw, we were happy! I felt blessed! I was married to my best friend and I actually enjoyed spending time with him. However, I had this feeling that there was something more. Boy, was I right!

I never realized just how backwards our marriage really was compared to God's design for marriage. I was the one who made all the decisions, I managed our finances, I disciplined our children, IIIII! He didn't seem to mind. He might have in the beginning of our marriage, but that was 10 years ago. If there was any objection, it was long gone now!
Thus, began a journey into realms of the unknown and rarely taught. The things I discovered about marriage in the next few months were shocking, exciting, and incredibly humbling! Please join me every Tuesday for the next month as I share my journey with you! I feel that God is calling women and men back into their biblical roles regarding family and marriage. Trust me the results are phenomenal!

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