Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Heart's Desire

Today, as I was driving Mr.Popper to his therapy appointment, the song 'If You Wanna Steal My Show' by Toby Mac came on the radio. I felt my spirit begin to churn in me! This is my heart's desire in all that I do. I felt a new sense of passion rise in me to be a better mom and wife and to make this place, where I spill my life out to you, all about Him! There, in my car, I began to sing this song as a prayer over every aspect of my life. I want God to always be in control. He should be at the wheel at all times, and when He chooses to change course, I want to be right there with Him!
Please, take a minute and listen to the words of this song. May they become your prayer today as well!


  1. Thank you, so much for sharing this video!!! There are no words to say how this spoke to my heart. I am so glad that I was your neighbor at Faith Filled Friday!

    1. oh, thank you for your comment. I have been praying asking if this was what God wanted of me. I believe that your comment was my answer. Bless you!